New GCSE Grade 5 or above will become the benchmark for students sitting Maths GCSE from 2017.

As we understand it here is our 'simplified guide' to the new GCSE grade system for any of our clients that understandably simply can't make head nor tail of the official documents.

Grade 9 is the best and grade 1 is the worst. Seems straight forward, but you have to wonder how many employers are going to get this the wrong way round in the beginning.

But the real confusion begins when they start talking about the old grade C. As promised we will spare you the trouble of deciphering the official explanation and simply say that Grade 5 is the new PASS MARK. Ultimately employers don't have time to split hairs about grade 4 being in the top 2/3 of this and bottom 1/3 of that, so in time industries will most likely just demand grade 5 or above.